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Top 10 Things of 2017

January 03, 2018

This week…it’s 2018. Dan is almost finished Community, and Dan and Bill both started Black Mirror Season 4. Bill watched some Oscar movies, and goes over an impressive debut for Netflix’s Bright. Then, Bill is excited to start a new comic, called Violent Love. To end the show, Dan and Bill go over their top 10 things of the year.

Be sure to tune in next week to hear our full review of Black Mirror Season 4. Thanks for listening, and Happy New Year.

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  • 01:00

    What’s new Dan? Community, Black Mirror, MCU FACTS!

  • 13:21

    What’s new Bill? I, Tonya, Lady Bird

  • 21:20

    Bright has impressive numbers

  • 26:20

    Violent Love comic

  • 27:50

    Cancelled shows of 2017/ Network TV bashing

  • 36:50

    Dan’s Top 10Things of the Year

  • 54:20

    Bill’s Top 10 Things of the Year

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