Season 2,

Star Wars Park, X-Men & The MCU, Fantastic 4, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

January 01, 2019

This week, Dan watches Birdbox and Holmes & Watson- which is terrible. We then check out the first “trailer” for the new Star Wars Park and Disney, and talk about the fight for X-Men and Fantastic 4 being brought into the MCU.

Next, we check out the trailer for Jordan Peele’s next movie, Us- followed by talking about the new movies and TV Shows coming out next week. We end the show by reviewing Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Thanks for listening!

  • 0:22

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  • 1:15

    What’s new Dan? Birdbox, Holmes & Watson SUCKS

  • 6:40

    Star Wars Park at Disney- First Look

  • 11:09

    Marvel looking to get X-Men and Fantastic 4 into the MCU

  • 17:10

    Us gets a trailer

  • 21:10

    New Movies/ TV Shows coming out next week

  • 26:43

    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Review




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