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Shape of Water, Man Seeking Woman, Game of Thrones News

December 28, 2017

Welcome back! This week, we welcome Drew, Dan’s younger brother for a family episode.

Bill keeps watching Dark, gets excited for Erased, and tells us about the second best Podcast he knows. Drew watched Godless, plays Fortnite, and suggests some good YouTube channels. Then, Dan talks about Man Seeking Woman, Shot Caller, Shape of Water, and reads some random MCU facts!

In the news… Game of Thrones Season 8 announced its directors, and the Invaders tell us all the new movies coming out this week- Did Daniel Day-Lewis actually retire? We share our thoughts. Solo: A Star Wars Story gets a release date, and Quentin Tarantino has his 10th movie already planned- which will DEFINITELY surprise you. Next, Dan gives us a non-spoiler review of Bright, and Bill us about the upcoming Stargate show.

To end the show, we debate what the best Christmas movie is, and reminisce over our most memorable Christmas gifts. Thanks for listening invaders!

  • 00:22

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  • 1:48

    What’s new Bill? Dark/ Erased/ Love & Radio Podcast

  • 8:03

    What’s new Drew?- Godless/ Fortnite/ YouTube Channel suggestions

  • 12:43

    What’s new Dan? Man Seeking Woman/ Shot Caller/ Shape of Water/ Random MCU Facts!

  • 24:40

    Game of Thrones Season 8 Directors announced

  • 31:29

    New movies coming out this week

  • 35:56

    Phantom Thread- Did Daniel Day-Lewis retire from acting for good?

  • 40:05

    Solo: A Star Wars Story release date announced

  • 42:11

    Quentin Tarantino signs on to direct… A Star Trek movie?

  • 46:55

    Bright non spoiler review

  • 51:34

    Stargate: Origins trailer

  • 52:37

    Christmas Segment- What is the best Christmas movie?

  • 59:00

    What is the most memorable Christmas gift you have ever received?

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