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The Ritual, Coach Snoop, Cuphead, The Greatest Showman

February 20, 2018
This week, we are joined by Brian, Regina & newcomer Pat (before he heads to brunch. Everyone finally watched Moon, as we (Dan) gets excited for Mute, coming out next week.

Pat then explains to us why he saw The Greatest SHowman in theaters 4 times. Then, Brian tells us about a new game he is playing, called Cuphead. Dan watched The Ritual, finished Westworld, and talks about the big twists. Bill saw Chris Rock’s new stand up, gets wrapped up in Coach Snoop, and watched the new Godzilla on Netflix.
In the news, Stranger Things Season 3 gets rolling, and we talk about the confirmed XFORCE movie. Then we talk about what kind of Call of Duty movie we want to see made. To end the show, we talk about the new movies and TV series coming out next week. Thanks for watching, and be sure to check out our review of Black Panther.
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  • 01:15

    What’s new Pat? Take Shelter, Moon, Mute prep, The Greatest Showman

  • 29:15

    What’s new Brian? Streaming updates, Cuphead

  • 36:14

    What’s new Dan? The Ritual, Westworld, MCU Facts

  • 43:47

    What’s new Bill? Chris Rock: Tamborine, Coach Snoop, Godzilla

  • 54:05

    Stranger Things Season 3 news

  • 56:30

    XFORCE news

  • 66:00

    Call of Duty: The Movie news

  • 70:35

    Coming out next week: Annihilation, Game Night, Mute, The Walking Dead

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