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Next Wolverine, Top 5 Video Games 2018, Top 5 Underrated Movies

January 23, 2018

Welcome back! This week- Dan watched 2 movies (1 good, 1 terrible), binged Shameless, and gets excited for Ready Player One. Billy saw another Oscar movie, and had a surprise reaction to it.

Then, we read a topic from Chuck surrounding the next Wolverine, read some “news” on the Han Solo movie, and Bill explains the drop in movie theater attendance last year.

To end the show, we have another fun (not so) Surprise Top 5. Top 5 Video Games coming out in 2018 and Top 5 underrated movies. Thanks for listening!

  • 00:22

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  • 00:30

    What’s new Dan?47 Meters Down (sucks), Shameless Season 8, Ready Player One Audiobook, Molly’s Game

  • 13:30

    Fan Topic- New Wolverine casting

  • 20:37

    What’s new Bill? Shape of Water

  • 24:00

    Han Solo movie “news”

  • 28:30

    Movie theatre attendance down 6% in 2017

  • 35:35

    Bill’s Top 5 Video Games coming out in 2018

  • 44:44

    Dan’s Top 5 Underrated Movies

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