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Episode 9: Thor: Ragnarok Review, Call of Duty WWII, iPhone X

November 07, 2017

Welcome back! For episode 9 we welcome super nerd Sean to the show as he tells us his comic influences. Then Bill gets into the new fun features in the iPhone X, and he can’t stop playing the new Call of Duty: WWII. Dan wonders who would win in a fight, Eleven or X-23? He also checks out the new Last of Us trailer, and asks Bill whether or not he should watch One Punch Man.

Then in the news, Disney has very high demands for Movie Theaters planning to show the next Star Wars movie. We also go over some rumors surrounding the Charles Manson movie, directed by Quentin Tarantino, and Justice League. Lastly, we go over the cast for the Lion King movie, and talk about our favorite classic Disney movies.

Then get ready for some MCU talk as our Thor: Ragnarok review rounds out the show. Enjoy!

Show Notes
  • 00:23

    Welcome guest Sean as he talks about how he got into comic books

  • 03:02

    What’s new Bill? iPhone X / Call of Duty: World War II

  • 09:12

    What’s new Dan? Eleven vs. X-23 / Last of Us II Trailer reaction / One Punch Man – Watch on Netflix

  • 14:24

    Disney’s demands for Theatres planning to show Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  • 18:04

    Charles Manson movie coming from Quentin Tarantino casting rumors

  • 25:05

    Justice League rumors

  • 31:13

    Lion Kings huge cast / favorite classic Disney movies

  • 36:30

    Thor: Ragnarok review with Banter Productions

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