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Episode 8: Marvel, SAW, Pokemon GO, Bright

October 30, 2017

Welcome back! This week on Scene Invaders: Dan and Bill welcome Brian as our first episode-long guest. Bill has been watching more Gifted, Menendez Files, Star Trek: Discovery (sucks), Rick and Morty, and is currently wrapped up in a guilty pleasure.

Brian comments on the greatness of Mindhunter, gets hype for Stranger Things, plays Destiny 2 standing up, and reminds us that Boba Fett is alive.

Dan got engaged! He also talks Walking Dead premiere ratings, and is happy that Geostorm bombed.

News this week includes MCU vs. DCEU according to Rotten Tomatoes, which is not a fair fight. A new Bright trailer was released, and we discuss this large budget for a Netflix movie. Next, a Logan spinoff was announced, while Amazon introduces yet another service. Also, the Matrix code was deciphered and another pointless Saw movie was made.

For our featured segment- Brian, Bill and Dan discuss their favorite childhood memories and most nostalgic moments growing up. Lastly, Pokémon Go is discussed for our game of the week!

Show Notes
  • 0:30

    What’s new Bill? Gifted, Menendez Files, Star Trek, Rick and Morty

  • 06:33

    What’s new Brian? Mindhunter, Bojack Horseman, Destiny 2, Bobba Fett is alive!

  • 15:02

    What’s new Dan? Engaged! Scooby Doo Knight, Geostorm, Walking Dead

  • 18:14

    MCU vs. DCEU according to Rotten Tomatoes

  • 26:28

    Bright trailer reaction / review – Watch the trailer

  • 29:40

    Logan spinoff announced/ X-Men movie timeline

  • 34:40

    Amazon Key preorders – Preorder now

  • 36:31

    Matrix code gets deciphered

  • 38:35

    Jigsaw the new Saw movie- worth seeing?

  • 42:05

    Childhood / Halloween nostalgia

  • 64:55

    Game of the Week- Pokemon Go

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