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Episode 7: Best Cancelled TV Shows, Black Panther, Star Wars

October 23, 2017

Welcome back invaders, in episode 7 we open the show by discussing our new YouTube channel!  Then Bill breaks down what he has been up to lately. Bill’s wife, Regina, watched the original Star Wars Trilogy- which sends the duo into a long Star Wars conversation. Also, Dan finished Dirty John, gets excited for The Walking Dead, and purchased his first audiobook. The Invaders then talk about shitty disaster movies and get into a trailer review for Black Panther. The Punisher finally has a release date, and “Binge Racing” gets addressed. Dan then praises Blumhouse Productions and the two talk about Game of Thrones production news.  After the news, a new topic suggestion is discussed from mega-fan “Chuck from Morgan Properties.” The topic is about shows that were cancelled too soon. Bill and Regina have also been busy helping Dan set up his proposal to his girlfriend, Sasha (Regina’s sister). Will she say yes? Tune in next week to find out.


Show Notes
  • 0:24

    Housekeeping: YouTube, Twitter, contact details, how to submit a topic

  • 01:53

    What’s new Bill? Dan popping the question, punk concerts, Regina watched the original Star Wars trilogy

  • 15:52

    What’s new Dan? Dirty John, Walking Dead Premiere, “It” Audiobook, Blumhouse Productions, Rotten Tomatoes

  • 25:47

    Geostorm 11% on Rotten Tomatoes

  • 28:40

    Black Panther Trailer reaction

  • 37:52

    The Punisher gets a release date on Netflix

  • 40:07

    Netflix’s “Binge Racing”

  • 45:15

    Blumhouse Productions’ successful run

  • 48:25

    Nerdist and Blumhouse Productions

  • 52:00

    Game of Thrones script made Jon Snow cry

  • 53:10

    Topic Suggestion: TV Shows that were cancelled too soon

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