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Episode 2: Summer Movie Recap, Stephen King’s IT, and Destiny 2

September 20, 2017

Welcome back, thanks for sticking around! We kick off episode 2 with our favorite news stories of the week: Disney and Facebook join the Stream Wars, Scorsese to produce Joker origin film, and Star Wars loses another director.

Next up we recap the highs (Baby Driver, Wind River) and lows of the summer (Death Note, Dunkirk) in a review roundup that touches on some of the best and worst movies, TV shows, and video games.

Our featured segment this week is a review of IT (2017). For this, we welcome Bill’s wife to the show. Does the movie that broke all sorts of horror records live up to the hype?

We close the show with Bill’s Game of the Week which takes a look at the highly anticipated Destiny 2 from developers Bungie of Halo fame.

Show Notes
  • 0:30

    Disney developing their own streaming service

  • 07:22

    Martin Scorsese producing new Joker Origin film; Leonardo DiCaprio rumored to be Joker

  • 19:11

    Highlights and disappointments from this Summer

  • 50:00

    IT (2017) review

  • 1:08:00

    Bill’s Game of the Week: Destiny 2

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