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Detroit: Become Human, The Predator, Spawn 2019, Evil Genius

May 15, 2018
This week, Dan talks more Fornite, a shitty movie, and an all time Miniseries. Bill is stuck in a rut, and finds a new Podcast to listen to- while binging True Crime TV Shows. Then Dan analyzes Quantic Dream Studios, before getting into the new Predator trailer.

Next up, we cover the OG Iron Man Suit getting stolen, and Billy gets excited for a new Hulu show. We then cover Spawn movies new and the Arrested Development Season 5 trailer before getting into another (not so) Surprise Top 5 to end the show. Be sure to tune in next week for our review of Deadpool 2!


  • 0:44

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  • 1:00

    What’s new Dan? Thanos in Fortnite, Downsizing sucks, The Night Of was awesome

  • 19:33

    What’s new Bill? Stuck in a rut, Sword and Scale Podcast, True Crime TV Shows

  • 30:11

    Quantic Dream- Detroit: Become Human

  • 36:26

    Predator Trailer

  • 42:00

    Iron Man Suite stolen

  • 44:49

    Looking for Alaska coming to Hulu

  • 47:12

    Spawn movie coming

  • 49:24

    Arrested Development Season 5 Trailer

  • 52:05

    (not so) Surprise Top 5 Mom’s in TV and Film

  • 62:12

    Movies and TV Shows coming out next week





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