Season 2,

Creed II, Hot Summer Nights, Venom & Sony vs. MCU

November 27, 2018
This week, Dan watches two great movies, and a terrible TV Show. Bill starts a couple new TV Shows, one that is inspired from a Podcast.

Then we  read some fan emails, and get into some fun discussions. Next up is our reaction to the Lion King trailer, and Bill shares his thoughts on what could be the next “Making a Murderer”. We end the show talking new Movies/ TV Shows coming out next week. Thanks for listening!
  • 0:22

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  • 1:00

    What’s new Dan? Hot Summer Nights, Creed II, Manifest

  • 27:00

    What’s new Bill? Surviving Y2K, Elite

  • 36:00

    Fan Emails

  • 45:50

    Venom & Sony vs. MCU questions

  • 55:05

    The Lion King Trailer

  • 57:55

    Netflix upcoming Docuseries “The Innocent Man”

  • 65:35

    Movies/ TV Shows coming out this week





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