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Black Mirror S4 Review

January 09, 2018

Welcome back! This week Dan watched a couple sequels (one shit) and finally finished Community.Bill watched the documentary Dealt, talks about The Ranch, The Disaster Artist, and gets excited for the upcoming game- NieR: Automata.

In the news, the next movie in the Cloverfield franchise gets announced, and Nintendo Switch breaks records in the US. Then Dan and Bill weigh in on the Logan Paul controversy, and comment on Brad Pitt’s love for Game of Thrones.

To end the show, we bring in Regina to discuss season for of Black Mirror. Thanks for listening!

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  • 00:35

    What’s new Dan? Finished Community, Creep 2, Goon 2

  • 08:10

    What’s new Bill? Dealt, The Ranch, NieR: Automata

  • 22:22

    Cloverfield 3 news

  • 26:05

    Nintendo Switch breaks records

  • 30:08

    Logan Paul controversy

  • 37:34

    Brad Pitt: Game of Thrones superfan

  • 40:24

    Black Mirror Season 4 review

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