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Ant Man & The Wasp trailer breakdown, DC “fans” vs. Disney

February 06, 2018

What up dudes, welcome back. This week, Bill watches a new docuseries, and gets wrapped up in the unstoppable force… This is Us. Dan gets hype for a Netflix series, watches a couple movies, and has a new bedtime routine (watching The Twilight Zone). You also get more MCU facts, and get some Super bowl commercial talk.

In the news, we break down the first trailer for this summer’s Ant Man & The Wasp, and talk about the group of DC “fans” plotting to tank Black Panther reviews. Then we cover a controversial poster, and talk some new updates from Nintendo, including a Mario Cart mobile game…sounds cool right? Oh, and bonus hypothetical Porn Star names of Dan and Bill, so you’re welcome. Thanks for listening! See you next time, Invaders.

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  • 00:33

    What’s new Bill? Dirty Money docuseries, This is Us got me

  • 11:07

    What’s new Dan? Altered Carbon hype, The Open House, The Nice Guys, Dan and Bill’s Porn Star names, The Twilight Zone, Marvel Facts, Super bowl ads

  • 40:37

    Ant Man & The Wasp trailer breakdown and reaction

  • 51:45

    DC “fans” plan to sabotage Black Panther Rotten Tomatoes score

  • 64:10
    The First Purge controversial first poster
  • 66:14

    Mario Cart, the mobile game

  • 69:30

    Nintendo to make a Super Mario movie with the producers of Minions

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