Top 5 Kills in Horror Movies [Video]

Looking for a great horror movie to watch? Well then let Dan and Bill give you a few recommendations! Dan and Bill break down their Top 5 Kills in Horror Movies of All Time. I’m sure you’ve seen a few of them, but there’s sure to be a gem in there you skipped over.

This video clip was pulled from Episode 6 of the Scene Invaders Podcast, so you these clips gave you the chills, check out our full conversation on horror movies in the show! You can listen to the full episode here. We’d love for you to listen to the entire episode, because we discuss some really interesting things on there: Mindhunters (a serial killer drama on Netflix), Stranger Things 2, and M. Night Shyamalan’s newest movie, Glass! But if you just want the grey details skip to minute 73 where we discuss our Top 5 Kills and Top 5 Horror Movies.


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