Star Wars Trailer Debuts During Football – Bad Call?

Last night I sat through 90 extremely boring minutes of a football game to watch the new Star Wars trailer. The Star Wars promo team decided to release the long awaited first official trailer for Episode VIII during halftime of the Bears and Vikings game. No, the teaser didn’t count.

This was a weak move by Disney. Why pick that game? And why HALFTIME. Even NFL fans didn’t care about that game last night, and it showed because this was the least watched Monday Night Football game of the season.

Star Wars last Jedi trailer posterThis shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the current talent on the two teams. But it was the debut of Mitchell Trubiski- the North Carolina Wunderkind! And it was the return of Sam Bradford- Sammy Sleeves! So they bring out Sam Bradford on literally one leg, and the new QB, who the Bears gave up a king’s ransom for to trade up in the draft to select.

Then, reluctantly, I sit down to watch the first half to ensure I don’t miss the new trailer- so I can be one of the first people to see it. And then it happens… The most BORING first half in NFL history. The score going into halftime was 3-2. That’s right. 3 to freaking 2. I was so damn bored during this first half that I dozed off and missed the first 30 seconds of the trailer, as I was in a dazed daydreaming state.

This stupid marketing ploy caused me to miss 22.2% of the WORLD PREMIERE of Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s trailer. If you are wondering- What is the point of this rant? I just don’t need Disney bragging about all of their properties enough to have the guts to put this trailer in the middle of a stupid Bears vs Vikings game. We get it Disney, you own ESPN, ABC, Star Wars, and Marvel. Good for you.

Now, on to the trailer, which I will also break down in depth during Episode 6 of the Scene Invaders podcast. It’s pretty bad ass. We get a few close looks at pretty much all of our main characters, including but not limited to: Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker, Rey, Poe Dameron, Chewbacca, Snoke, Finn, Captain Phasma (new Boba Fett), and of course, the wonderful Leia- Rest in Peace you lovely soul.

After a few cool set shots, mixed in with some badass Snoke exposition (whom is voiced and motion captured by the legendary Andy Serkis), the trailer decides to show us a future conflict brewing between Luke and Rey. He says he has “seen this raw strength only once before” and that “it didn’t scare him then, but does now.” He is probably talking about Kylo Ren here. My guess is that we will see an Anakin–esque scene in this movie where Kylo turns to the Dark Side and ditches his mentor, Luke.

Overall, this is a fantastic trailer, just don’t tell Mark Hamill you watched it. He and director of Episode VIII, Rian Johnson, advise against watching the trailer. They have both said it will be an amazing experience to go into this movie as blind as possible. Well sorry fellas, I prefer to go in with 20/20 vision. I will always be a trailer guy, I can’t help myself. Be sure to tune into our next episode to hear my full reaction and breakdown of the trailer.  I’ll probably still be mad at Disney, we’ll see.

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